Pocket-size diode laser for dentists


The advantages associated with the use of the diode laser in your dental studio have been recognised in many areas and dental treatments, making it clear that this instrument represents a new frontier in this sector.

As well as being quick and safe, laser use is also less invasive for the oral cavity, as it does not remove tissue, but on the contrary is responsible for minimal wounds that do not even require sutures (find out the difference between electrocautery and diode laser). This instrument also causes very little bleeding thanks to the stimulation of haemoglobin coagulation, a factor that helps speed up recovery times (find out how the diode laser works).

The portable dental laser can also be used to

  • Desensitise
  • Engrave
  • Remove
  • Disinfect
  • Coagulate
  • Vaporize
  • Biostimulate
  • Whitening
  • Low Level Laser Therapy
  • High Power Laser Therapy.

In concrete terms, these actions will make it possible to treat periodontitis, caries and abscesses, endodontic treatments, surgery, implantology, dentinal hypersensitivity, whitening and bacterial decontamination.

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Pocket Laser: a small tool capable of ensuring great performance 88Dent has developed

Pocket Laser, the only portable diode dental laser capable of ensuring high performance despite its small size. Its unique high precision and versatility make it perfect for use both by dentists (read the article on digitalisation of the dental practice) and dental hygienists.

The strong point of this laser is its 915 nm wavelength, which ensures greater penetration than the 810 nm wavelength. In addition, this aspect will also influence the stimulation of ATP production, activating the regeneration of the tissues concerned, promoting their healing. The multiple sources, continuous pulsed and superpulsed, will ensure optimal effectiveness in antalgic treatments and resolution of inflammatory processes.

Small size and only 0.8 kg in weight for a truly pocket-sized device, easy to carry and use on a daily basis, equipped with a resistive touch screen, which can be accessorized with specific handpieces and options for use with the various 70 pre-set and further implementable clinical programmes.

The high degree of haemostasis that can be achieved with this device makes it possible to considerably increase the field of vision, and its minimal invasiveness also demonstrates and ensures clinical effectiveness and patient satisfaction. Finally, another aspect not to be underestimated is the reduced use of local anaesthetic for infiltration, except in very rare cases, also ensuring rapid healing without scarring.

88Dent and Pocket Laser: the combination that will allow you to carry out orthodontic procedures safely and quickly.

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