The best intraoral scanner for the dental studio by 88dent

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The real must-have in Dentistry for a dental studio today is the intraoral scanner. Fast, accurate, reliable and, above all, loved by patients because it is non-invasive: here is how the iAton intraoral scanner works and why it is so unique and popular..

88dent has chosen to offer this instrumentation by creating the iATON, a model equipped with a sophisticated high-precision scanning system. One of the lightest and, above all, most manageable models on the market, it enables extremely accurate digital impressions to be obtained rapidly. The best intraoral scanner.

This intraoral scanner is an extraordinary resource for the dentist as well as the patient. Using interchangeable tips, it is possible to capture different angles of the oral cavity for a truly precise, accurate scan that takes just a few seconds. The image reproduced on the monitor represents a 3D model that allows a complete view of the patient's mouth.

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iATON: the intraoral scanner that makes the difference



iATON is not just an intraoral scanner, it embodies the essence of functionality, convenience and innovation. Small and compact, it is easy to transport and reduces patient discomfort to zero. Choosing this instrumentation means saying goodbye to the old impression tray, but also to the whole series of inconveniences for the patient associated with the use of this now obsolete technique.

The interchangeable, autoclavable tips ensure maximum protection against infection.

Non-invasive for the patient, fast, extremely accurate, able to immediately provide a 3D model of the patient's oral cavity, but also lightweight and practical for the practitioner to use and transport. In addition, this equipment can easily interface with the main design software used in the sector. What more could you want?